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Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper was born in Tennessee, USA, on October 12, 2001. She is really skilled at many things! Brett appears on TV, acts in movies, and is popular on social media. Not only is she intelligent and does well in school, but she also knows how to start her own business.

People admire her because she excels in various areas. Brett’s story is inspiring, proving that with hard work and passion, you can be great at different things!

Full NameBrett Cooper
Date of Birth12 October 2001
Age22 years old (as of February 2024)
Place of BirthBellingham, Washington, United States
Current ResidenceNashville, Tennessee, United States

Brett Cooper Early Life:

Cooper was five years old when her brother died away from a cardiac attack in their volatile Tennessee home. Cooper was very shy, so her mother signed her up for theater to help her come out of her shell. Acting provided Cooper, a boiled-down child, with the essential possibilities for expressing oneself.

Brett Cooper

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Gaining self-assurance, she sent a letter, along with a painting of herself in the costume, to a Broadway manager in New York when she was ten years old, explaining her acting background and expressing her desire to play Jane Banks in Mary Poppins.

After landing the part and the interview, she moved to Los Angeles, California, to focus on her acting career in movies. At the age of 15, she requested to be legally emancipated following her parents’ divorce.

Brett Cooper Age, Height And Weight:

By 2024, Brett Cooper will be 22 years old, reaching 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm) tall and weighing about 54 kg (119 lbs). Her physical attributes consist of hazel eyes and dark brown hair, with measurements of 31-23-33. The beautiful eyes and attitude of Brett Cooper are well-known.

Brett Cooper Career:

Brett began his path with an array of experiences, learning from his jobs at Big Beach Films, Ann Inc., SHIELD Women’s Self-Defense, and Deep Structure Productions. She began to utilize social media and production which opened the way for her amazing career.

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Brett worked with The Daily Wire, a well-known media outlet, to produce some little films that were well-received for their smart and fascinating quality.

She developed herself as a prominent figure on YouTube by starting her program, “The Comments Section,” on her channel. With millions of views and an avid following, Brett rose to popularity in the world of digital media.

Brett Cooper is now well-known in the industry owing to her work at The Daily Wire and her own YouTube channel. She has become a favorite among Gen Z audiences owing to her fascinating content and friendly personality that has clicked with viewers.

Brett Cooper Nationality:

American Brett Cooper was born in Bellingham, Washington. She is a multi-talented person who acts as an actress, television personality, and conservative political expert.

As the host of The Daily Wire-produced YouTube channel “The Comments Section with Brett Cooper,” Brett Cooper is popular. Apart from her commentary job, she is active in some acting roles.

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Brett Cooper Acting Career:

In 2012, Brett Cooper made his acting debut in the film “Parental Guidance.” She also had performances in television programs such as Heathers and Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. She returns in 2023 following a period of absence with a new movie titled “500 Fireflies.” Brett likes to watch TV and movies!

TypeFilm/TV Show
FilmParental Guidance
TV SeriesGortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street
TV SeriesHeathers
Movie Return500 Fireflies

Net Worth:

As of February 2024, Brett Cooper’s estimated net worth is $850,000. She is a popular host for The Daily Wire and intends to go back into acting in the future.

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She earns a respectable monthly pay from The Daily Wire and actively advertises products on her social media finances, particularly Instagram. She additionally launched an online store selling a variety of clothing items on The Daily Wire’s website.

Brett Cooper Physical Appearance:

Brett is twenty-two years old and five feet five inches tall. People find her amazing because of her charming nature. Her hazel eyes and black hair add her already amazing look. Brett maintains a healthy body structure, measuring 31-23-33. Thus, in addition to her beautiful outside, which includes her well-proportioned body, black hair, and hazel eyes, she is also kind on the inside.

Social Media Accounts:

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here

Brett Cooper Relationship:

Regarding her love life, Brett Cooper has been silent. She is of American heritage and comes from a mixed background. Her mother’s name is Diane Cooper and details on her three older brothers will be published shortly.


Brett Cooper’s journey from a shy child in Tennessee to a versatile talent in acting, media, and entrepreneurship is truly inspiring. Overcoming personal challenges, she has excelled in various fields, showcasing her intelligence, hard work, and passion. Brett’s impact is evident through her work at The Daily Wire, successful YouTube channel, and ventures in acting. With a net worth of $850,000, she continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on both the entertainment industry and digital media. Brett’s story serves as a testament to the possibilities that unfold with determination, skill, and a diverse set of talents.


Q1: When was Brett Cooper born?

A: Brett Cooper was born on October 12, 2001, in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

Q2: What is Brett Cooper’s career background?

A: Brett is a multi-talented individual with a career spanning acting, hosting The Daily Wire’s YouTube channel, and entrepreneurship. She started in the film “Parental Guidance” in 2012 and returned in 2023 with “500 Fireflies.”

Q3: How did Brett Cooper gain confidence in acting?

A: Brett’s journey into acting began when her mother enrolled her in theater at a young age to help her overcome shyness. Her breakthrough came at ten when she landed a role in Mary Poppins on Broadway.

Q4: What are Brett Cooper’s physical attributes?

A: As of 2024, Brett is 22 years old, stands at 5 feet 5 inches, and weighs about 54 kg. She has hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and a well-proportioned body measuring 31-23-33.

Q5: What is Brett Cooper’s estimated net worth?

A: As of February 2024, Brett Cooper’s estimated net worth is $850,000, earned through her roles at The Daily Wire, acting, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Q6: Is Brett Cooper active on social media?

A: Yes, Brett is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Her engaging content and friendly personality have garnered a substantial following.

Q7: What is known about Brett Cooper’s personal life?

A: Brett has been silent about her love life. She comes from a mixed background, and her mother’s name is Diane Cooper. Details about her three older brothers are expected to be revealed soon.


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