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Hailey Rose

Hailey Rose was born on September 5, 1989, in Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia. Hailey Rose’s age is 35 years as of 2024. Within a short time, she catches the attention of guys from all over the world. She is a cute actor.

Hailey Rose’s love of music and her amazing singing launched her to stardom. Hailey, who was raised in a small town, began to sing at an early age and attended talent shows and local concerts.

Hailey Rose has gained an avid following with the release of various hit tracks. She is recognized as one of the top music stars of her generation and her fame only rises.

Who is Hailey Rose?

Hailey Rose is an amazing young girl who is capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere. She is already a rising star in the entertainment industry. Hailey is known for her incredible talent and dedication to her craft. She has a bright future ahead of her and is quickly making a name for herself.

Hailey Rose

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Hailey’s infectious energy and captivating performances have earned her a growing fanbase. Whether singing, acting, or dancing, Hailey always brings her A-game. Hailey Rose is a force to be reckoned with with her undeniable talent and passion. Watch for this talented young star because she’s going places!

Hailey Rose Early Life and Education

Hailey Rose had a fascinating early life full of exciting adventures. She was born on September 5, 1989, in a small town. Growing up, Hailey had a deep passion for performing arts. From a young age, she loved to sing and dance, often putting on impromptu performances for her family and friends. Hailey’s parents noticed her talent and enrolled her in various music and dance classes to nurture her skills.

Despite her young age, Hailey was a dedicated student who always gave her best effort. She spent countless hours practicing and honing her craft. Hailey’s love for learning extended beyond the arts, as she also excelled in her studies.

She enjoyed reading and learning about different subjects. Hailey’s parents always supported her dreams and encouraged her to pursue her passions. It was clear from a young age that Hailey Rose was destined for greatness.

Hailey Rose Bio:

Full Name
Hailey Rose
YouTube Star
Date of Birth
September 5, 1989
Place of Birth
United States
Star Sign
United States

Hailey Rose’s Parents and Siblings

She also comes from a loving and supportive family. Haily also has two wonderful parents who have always encouraged her dreams and cheered her every step of the way.

Her mom and dad are her biggest fans and are always there to support her at performances and events. Hailey also has a sibling, a younger brother named Ethan, who she adores.

They have a close bond and love to have fun together. Hailey’s parents and brother are her biggest cheerleaders and play an essential role in her success.

They are a tight-knit family that supports each other through thick and thin. With her parents’ and siblings’ love and support, Hailey Rose can pursue her dreams with confidence and passion.

Hailey Rose Husband/Boyfriend

She doesn’t have a husband or boyfriend. Currently, Hailey focuses on her blossoming career in the entertainment industry and her studies. She’s a talented and dedicated young star constantly honing her craft. Hailey inspires many young girls who look up to her and admire her talent and determination.

As she grows older, she may eventually find someone special to share her life with, but Hailey is enjoying her journey to success. Who knows what the future holds for this incredible young girl? One thing is for sure: she’s got a bright future ahead of her, and her fans can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!

Hailey Rose Children

Hailey Rose already has a lot going on in her career. While she may not have children of her own at this age, she has a natural talent for connecting with kids of all ages through her performances. Hailey has a way of capturing the hearts of young audiences with her infectious energy and relatability. 

Whether singing, acting, or dancing, she makes kids feel seen and inspired. Through her work, Hailey has become a role model for many children, showing them they can follow their dreams and achieve greatness regardless of age. So, while Hailey may not have children of her own, she is significantly impacting the lives of young ones worldwide.

Hailey Rose Age Hight And Weight:

Hailey Rose is 35 years old; she is still growing and developing. She is a vibrant young girl with a contagious smile and a sparkle in her eyes. Hailey has a slender build, as most children her age do, and stands at an adorable height of around 5 feet 2 Inches. Her weight is 54 kg. She is a healthy and active young girl, so her weight varies depending on her growth and development. 

Hailey’s physical appearance is as charming as her personality. She has long, flowing hair that she loves to style in different ways, from braids to ponytails. Her big, expressive eyes light up when she performs, and her smile can light up a room. Hailey’s playful and fun style showcases her love for bright colors and cute accessories.

It’s important to remember that Hailey is just a young girl, and her appearance will change as she grows older. But for now, she is a vibrant and energetic young star with a captivating presence that draws people in.

5 Feet 2 Inches   
54 KG
Body Measurement
Bra Size 
Eye Color
Hair Color

Hailey Rose Before Fame

Before becoming a rising star, Hailey Rose had an ordinary life just like any other. She also loved playing with her friends, attending school, and spending time with her family. However, Hailey’s passion for performing arts started to shine at a young age. She would perform mini concerts for her family, showcasing her natural talent and love for entertaining. 

Hailey’s parents recognized her potential and encouraged her to pursue her dreams. They enrolled her in various classes to nurture her skills and help her grow as a performer. Hailey’s journey to fame began with small local performances, where she captivated audiences with her infectious energy and undeniable talent. Her career took off from there, and she’s been on a whirlwind adventure ever since.

Hailey Rose Career

Hailey Rose’s career is starting to take off, but she’s already making waves in the entertainment industry. She’s already shown incredible talent and dedication to her craft. She has participated in local performances, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and undeniable talent. She has also begun to gain recognition on social media platforms.

Where she shares snippets of her performances and behind-the-scenes moments, with her incredible stage presence and passion for entertaining, Hailey is quickly gaining a growing fanbase. She has a bright future ahead of her in the world of entertainment. Keep an eye out for this rising star as she makes her mark and inspires others with her talent and determination.

Hailey Rose
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Hailey Rose’s Net Worth

Hailey Rose is an incredibly talented young star; she’s still in the early stages of her career. At the same time, her net worth is $1.5 Million. It’s important to remember that she is just a child, and her focus is on honing her skills and pursuing her passions as she continues to grow and gain more recognition in the entertainment industry.

Her net worth may increase. However, at this stage in her journey, it’s more about the love and joy she brings to her performances and her impact on her audience. Hailey Rose is a rising star following her dreams, which is worth more than any dollar amount.

Hailey Rose’s Famous Reason

Have you ever wondered why Hailey Rose is becoming so famous? It’s all because of her incredible talent and passion for performing. Hailey’s infectious energy and captivating performances have won the hearts of audiences everywhere. Whether singing, acting, or dancing, she always gives her all and leaves a lasting impression. People can’t help but be drawn to her natural charisma and talent. 

Hailey has a way of making every performance feel unique and memorable. Her dedication to her craft and ability to connect with her audience sets her apart from other young stars. It’s a wonder she’s gaining recognition and becoming a rising star in the entertainment industry. Her famous reason is her undeniable talent and ability to captivate audiences with her outstanding performances.

Hailey Rose Future Plans and Projects 

  • Hailey Rose has an exciting future filled with many excellent plans and projects.
  • She is working on new music and excited to share her songs with her fans.
  • Hailey also explores opportunities in the acting world and hopes to star in her TV show or movie one day.
  • She dreams of performing on big stages worldwide and hopes to go on a world tour in the future.
  • In addition to her entertainment career, Hailey is passionate about making a difference in the world. She wants to use her platform to raise awareness for important causes and help those in need.
  • Hailey is constantly working hard to improve her skills and become the best performer she can be. She is dedicated to her craft and continually seeks new opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Hailey Rose will surely accomplish incredible things in the future with her talent, passion, and determination. Stay tuned to see what she has in store.

Hailey Rose Favrioute Things  

She has so many favorite things that she loves. Here are just a few of them:
  • Her favorite color is pink, and she loves wearing pink clothes and accessories.
  • Hailey’s favorite food is pizza, especially with extra cheese and toppings.
  • She loves playing with her favorite stuffed animal, a cuddly teddy bear named Mr. Fluffy.
  • Hailey enjoys watching animated movies, with her favorites being “Frozen” and “Moana.”
  • She loves going to the beach and building sandcastles with her family.
  • Hailey’s favorite hobby is dancing, and she enjoys trying out different dance styles like ballet and hip-hop.
  • She also loves spending time with her friends, playing games, and having fun.
  • Hailey enjoys going on adventures and exploring new places with her family.
  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she also loves decorating the Christmas tree and opening presents.
  • Hailey is a big animal lover and enjoys playing with her dog, Buddy.
  • She loves reading books, especially ones with magical stories and colorful illustrations.
  • Hailey’s favorite season is summer because she gets to swim and play outside all day long.
  • She loves singing along to her favorite songs and dreams of being a famous singer one day.
  • Hailey Rose loves many things, and she always brings her passion and joy to everything she does.

Hailey Rose Favrioute Hobbies

She has so many hobbies that she loves to do in her free time. Here are a few of her favorites:

Dancing: Hailey loves to dance and tries different styles like ballet and hip-hop. She has so much fun moving to the music and expressing herself through dance.

Reading: Hailey is a bookworm and enjoys reading magical stories with colorful illustrations. She loves to get lost in books and let her imagination run wild.

Playing with her friends: Hailey enjoys spending time with her friends, playing games, and having fun. They have so many adventures together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Going on adventures: Hailey loves exploring new places with her family. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a hike in the mountains, she loves the thrill of discovering something new.

Singing: Hailey dreams of being a famous singer one day, so she loves singing along to her favorite songs. She practices her vocals daily and loves performing for her family and friends.

Hailey’s hobbies bring her joy and allow her to express herself creatively. She loves trying new things and finding new ways to have fun.

Exciting Facts About Hailey Rose 

  • Hailey Rose loves animals and dreams of having her pet zoo one day. She’s especially fond of cats and has a fluffy orange cat named Whiskers.
  • She’s a big fan of superheroes and has a collection of superhero action figures she likes to play with.
  • Hailey enjoys baking with her mom and loves making delicious cupcakes and cookies.
  • She’s an excellent swimmer and loves spending time in the pool or at the beach.
  • Hailey is a budding artist and enjoys painting and drawing. Her favorite subjects to draw are rainbows and unicorns.
  • She has a secret talent for making impressions and loves entertaining her friends and family with her funny voice.
  • Hailey has a green thumb and loves caring for her little garden, where she grows flowers and vegetables.
  • She loves playing board games with her family; her favorite game is Monopoly.
  • Hailey is a big fan of musicals and dreams of someday starring in her Broadway show.
  • She has a big heart and enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelter and helping with community events.


What is Hailey Rose’s net worth?

The Net Worth of Hailey Rose is $1.5 Million.

What is the Height of Hailey Rose?

The height of Hailey Rose is 5 feet and 2 inches.

Where is the birthplace of Hailey Rose?

Hailey Rose was born in the United States.

What is Hailey Rose’s date of birth?

Hailey Rose’s birthday is on September 5, 1989.

Is Hailey Rose Married?

Hailey Rose’s marital status is yet to be updated.

Where is the birthplace of Hailey Rose?

Barranquilla, Colombia

What is the Nationality of Hailey Rose?


Which ethnicity does Hailey Rose belong to?


What is the color of Hailey Rose’s eyes?



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