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Hanne Norgaard

Hanne Norgaard is a familiar figure in the American fashion scene, garnering international recognition for her contributions to the makeup industry. Though she is no longer with Idris Elba, Hanne Norgaard is the mother of his child and deserves more information available about her.

Many people are unclear of numerous facts about Elba’s ex-wife, and we wish to shed light on some of the information that is frequently requested.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on April 5, 1977, Hanne Norgaard is an English-American makeup artist, businesswoman, and wife of a famous person.

Her most popular part is that of Idris Elba’s ex-spouse. Her partner is a famous British actor, director, producer, DJ, rapper, musician, and former kickboxer in the Hollywood business. Additionally, her true birth name is Hanne Kim Norgaard.

Hanne Norgaard Bio/Wiki:

Full nameHanne Kim Norgaard
Date of birth5th April 1977
Age47 years
Zodiac signAries
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
Sexual orientationStraight
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark brown
Height158 cm or 5’1″
Weight61 kg or 131 lbs
Body measurements34-28-35 inches or 86-71-89 cm
Marital statusMarried
Children1 (Isan Elba)
ParentsKyue Nam Kim (mother)
ProfessionMakeup artist, businesswoman, writer
Famous asIdris Elba’s ex-wife
Net worth$900,00

Hanne Norgaard Career:

Hanne had an easy start to her career after graduating from college, landing jobs at major companies including Rolling Out, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, BET, BBC, Columbia Tristar, and more. She became fully involved in the makeup world through these interactions, and she learned interesting facts regarding the business.

Inspired by her experiences, she continued with her education at the International Cosmetics Artist Academy in Europe, which helped her to launch her own cosmetics company, Kim Elba Cosmetics.

Hanne Norgaard

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Hanne has over 15 years of expertise in the beauty and cosmetics business, and she is now well-known. She has had the opportunity to work with some well-known celebrities, and she is now respected as a skilled professional by Europe’s socialites, performers, and Hollywood elite.

Renowned personalities such as Hugh Laurie, Lyfe Jennings, Jenna Redgrave, Idris Elba, Nigel Havers, Chilli of TLC, and Robin Williams are among her clientele.

Hanne Norgaard Education:

Norgaard trained makeup artistry at the SC Institute in Washington, DC, from 2004 to 2006. Here, she excelled earning a Diploma with the Highest Honors.

She then followed further training at the International Makeup Academy in Europe, earning with the highest honors in makeup, hair, nails, and visual effects on a diploma.

Hanne Norgaard Family:

When we speak of someone’s family, we often think of their parents. But since Hanne Norgaard was adopted by Danish parents, her family story takes a fascinating turn.

Even though she was adopted, Hanne’s keen curiosity about her biological heritage prompted her to look for her biological parents. She learned from her research that, while her father may be African-American, her mother is South Korean, giving her a unique Afro-Asian origin.

Hanne Norgaard

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In her search to learn more about her background, Hanne turned to sites such as Ancestry, where she was able to learn about her father but failed to find her mother. She shared her journey on Instagram in 2018 and even went to the Korean orphanage where she was raised before being adopted.

While she learned a lot about her mother from the orphanage, her mother’s whereabouts are still unknown, thus sadly, she is still looking. Hanne once stated that her mother’s name was Kyue Nam Kim, meaning Korean for Nam Hee Kim.

Hanne Norgaard Marriage:

Hanne Norgaard is an American makeup artist who has been married three times. The well-known Idris Elba, better known as Idrissa Akuna Elba, was her initial partner. Idris was a member of the London National Youth Theatre before become a well-known actor and TV show star.

Hanne and Idris met in London, and their romance grew until 1999 when they decided to move to the US together. Shortly after shifting, they exchanged vows.

In 2022, their child Isan Elba will turn 20. Her birthday is January 12, 2002. Isan is making a name for herself in the entertainment world by preserving her father’s legacy. In the movie Crimson Ties (2022), she plays Deja.

Despite the first divorce one year after Isan’s birth and final divorce four years later, Hanne and Idris have managed to be friendly and co-parent their daughter.

Hanne Norgaard Daughter:

To make sure their daughter Isan had a happy existence, both parents tried everything within their power. Ultimately, Hanne remarried in 2013 to a pastor by the name of Andrew L. Friar, after her ex-husband Idris went through numerous divorces and failed relationships during the years.

Sadly, this does not imply that Horgaard’s life was simple. Isan ended up disclosing to PEOPLE magazine that her mother Hanne was dealing with serious mental illness and mental health concerns after Idris married Sabrina Dhowre back in 2019.

Hanne Norgaard

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This does not imply that she is not functioning, but it might have played a role in their daughter’s early issues, the challenges Hanne faced in his marriage to Idris Elba, and eventually the divorce.

Hanne Norgaard Net Worth:

Although Hanne Norgaard hasn’t disclosed her exact net worth, reports place it at around $900,000. Her ex-husband Idris Elba, however, is said to be worth $40 million.

Though Hanne works in the entertainment and cosmetics industries, she wants to stay out of the spotlight. She oversees her business ventures in between acting is the first lady of her husband’s Heart Strong Church in Georgia.

Hanne Norgaard Height And Weight:

She is five feet two inches tall. Her weight, which matches her stature, is about 61 kg. Now let’s discuss her measures, which are 34, 28, and 35 inches.

She wears a bra size 33B for undergarments, and a size 6 (UK) shoe will fit her. Hanne has eye-catching dark brown eyes and lovely black hair, that highlight her distinctive features.


Hanne Norgaard known for her contributions to the makeup industry and as the ex-wife of actor Idris Elba, has led a multifaceted life marked by professional success and personal challenges. Despite her journey’s ups and downs, she remains dedicated to her craft and family, navigating through marriages, motherhood, and her own battles with mental health. While preferring to stay out of the limelight, Norgaard’s story serves as a testament to resilience and the complexities of life behind fame.


Q: What is Hanne Norgaard known for?
A: Hanne Norgaard is renowned for her work as a makeup artist and as the ex-wife of actor Idris Elba.

Q: How many children does Hanne Norgaard have?
A: Hanne Norgaard has one daughter named Isan Elba.

Q: What is Hanne Norgaard’s net worth?
A: While her exact net worth isn’t disclosed, it’s estimated to be around $900,000.

Q: What is Hanne Norgaard’s height and weight?
A: Hanne Norgaard stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 61 kg.

Q: What is Hanne Norgaard’s profession?
A: Hanne Norgaard is a makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer.

Q: Who is Hanne Norgaard’s daughter?
A: Hanne Norgaard’s daughter is Isan Elba, who is making a name for herself in the entertainment world.

Q: Is Hanne Norgaard still married to Idris Elba?
A: No, Hanne Norgaard and Idris Elba divorced several years ago.


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