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Sky Bri

Sky Bri was born on February 21, 1999, and is a well-known online model, creator of sensual content, and social media sensation. She has gained fame for her diverse talents and activities, attracting millions of fans globally who are eager to support her work. Let’s explore her journey step by step.

She has an attractive online persona as a model and is a gifted writer of spicy material. Sometimes, the limits of her creativity fill her viewers with pleasure and amaze them to no end.

She believes a reaction from her audience, which is why she pursues her passion. She is further motivated by the fact that she naturally makes a decent living from it.

Full NameSkylar Bri
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1999
CitizenshipUnited States
Height5’8″ (173 cm)
Weight117 lbs (53 kg)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Body Measurements34-25-36
HobbiesDance, making reels and videos, mimicry
Favorite ColorBlue, red
Favorite FoodPizza, bread, homecooked food
Favorite TV ShowHarry Potter
Favorite SportsSwimming, badminton
Favorite PlaceLos Angeles (LA)
TattoosMinimal tattoos
Favorite PetDog
Net WorthEstimated at $2 million
AffairsDated Jake Paul

She began working in 2018, as we said before, as an employee of the American Target Retail Company. Even though it wasn’t her ideal career, she had to work to make ends meet and pay her bills.

Honestly, she’s always wanted to do something lovely. She reached this point because she exhibited an ideal set of traits for this creative action, like confidence, tenacity, and a desire to be recognised.

Sky Bri’s Real Name:

Skylar Bri, often known as Ski Bri, is a well-known American adult film actress, model, and social media celebrity. She showcases her modeling skills in beautiful images that she posts on social media at the age of 24. Ski Bri engages her fans on TikTok with funny, dance, and lip-syncing videos.

Sky Bri

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On Instagram, Ski Bri posts a ton of beautiful modeling images and videos, including some of the most popular picture shoots. She has a sizable fan base on several social media systems, including Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok.

The factor that truly propelled her to fame was the worldwide popularity of her adult-themed OnlyFans content. In addition to her popularity on social media, she was the talk of the web due to her relationship with boxer and YouTuber Jake Paul.

Sky Bri Career:

Sky Bri rose to fame in the early years of her career on social media, notably Instagram, where she gained an extensive following. She rose to popularity in this field thanks to her interesting content and attractive features.

OnlyFans Success (2020): Sky Bri made a big professional move in 2020 when she quit her work at Target to give all of her time to her business as an adult video developer.

She became well-known on OnlyFans, where she offers those who love her a wealth of unique content. For a $5 per month fee, she provides access to the content on her website; this is a profitable business strategy for many content developers.

Podcast Collaboration (2020): Sky Bri also experimented with podcasting during this period, producing a show on No Jumper. She starred in several episodes with Rara Knupps, her girlfriend and best friend, providing witty and interesting content.

Her YouTube channel subscribers rose as a result of her existence on the Sidemen channel. In reality, she gained over 100,000 followers in just two days after the video’s publication.

In addition, she has made cameos in multiple videos on YouTube with famous users like Andrew Davilla, Simplistic, LoveLiveServe, and many others. Currently, Sky’s Instagram account has over 3 million followers.

Sky Bri Age, Height and Weight:

Born on February 21, 1999, Sky Bri is a vibrant 24-year-old who plans to enjoy her prime years in 2023. This gifted and agile person is from sunny, vibrant Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Sky Bri is 24 years old, and she continues to thrive and take advantage of life’s opportunities. Her age is ideal for personal development, self-worth, and achieving new heights. At this age of limitless potential, her journey is still being shaped by her experiences and accomplishments.

The well-known adult film star and social media celebrity Sky Bri keeps her body in balance. She is approximately 170 cm tall, or 5 feet 7 inches when upright.

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Her height puts her in the taller category of women, which contributes to her outstanding online and personal presence.

Sky Bri constantly weighs 58 kilograms or around 128 pounds. Her weight is in line with her height, suggesting that she is dedicated to maintaining her health and fitness.

According to the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale, her height and weight are generally within the healthy range, which suggests that she is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle that supports the way she looks and overall health.

Sky Bri Net Worth:

Sky Two million dollars are thought to be Bri’s estimated net worth. Her paid subscriptions provide most of her revenue. Even with a sizable Instagram following, Onlyfans offers the majority of her income.

She works with a select group of brands, including Vixen, although she does not promote a specific business. She spends a lot of time marketing the Onlyfans account on Instagram rather than using her account for advertising other companies. On Twitter, the same thing takes place.

Sky Bri Boyfriend/Affairs:

Even though Sky Bri was previously involved with Jake Paul, she is not now seeing anyone. Before their split, they had tattoos of each other’s names on their skins, which they later deleted.

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They were pictured kissing on the beach, which generated some theories. But for now, Sky Bri is focusing on her professional and personal growth. She is not actively looking for a new relationship and is single.

Sky Bri’s Family:

Sky Bri, while being frequently in the attention and creating money for herself, seems to be very discreet about her family and does not post something about her personal life online. As a result, none knows the names of her parents, siblings, or family.

Sky Bri’s Movies:

She hasn’t yet completed a movie. She produces reels where she shows her fashion and modeling shots, and she frequently models for bikini and lingerie photo shoots. When she began uploading images and videos to OnlyFans, they grew viral on the internet and increased her popularity.


Sky Bri was born Skylar Bri, has evolved from a Target employee to a renowned adult film actress, model, and social media sensation. Her journey showcases a transition from conventional employment to a thriving career on platforms like OnlyFans and podcast collaborations. Despite controversies surrounding her relationships, Sky Bri’s dedication to her craft and diverse talents has garnered her a substantial net worth, estimated at $2 million. While maintaining a strong online presence, she remains discreet about her family. At 24, she continues to navigate her path, embracing opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Q: When did Sky Bri start her career as an online model?

A: Sky Bri began working in 2018, initially as an employee at the American Target Retail Company, before transitioning to her current career.

Q: What contributed to Sky Bri’s rise to fame?

A: Sky Bri gained popularity through her engaging content on social media platforms, especially Instagram. However, her breakthrough came with the global success of her adult-themed content on OnlyFans.

Q: How did Sky Bri diversify her career in 2020?

A: In 2020, Sky Bri left her job at Target to focus on her career as an adult video creator on OnlyFans. She also ventured into podcasting, collaborating on No Jumper.

Q: What is Sky Bri’s net worth?

A: Sky Bri’s estimated net worth is around $2 million, primarily generated through her paid subscriptions on OnlyFans.

Q: Is Sky Bri currently in a relationship?

A: No, Sky Bri is currently single and not actively seeking a new relationship after her previous association with Jake Paul.

Q: Does Sky Bri share information about her family online?

A: No, Sky Bri maintains discretion regarding her family, and details about her parents, siblings, or family are not publicly disclosed.

Q: Has Sky Bri appeared in any movies?

A: As of now, Sky Bri has not starred in any movies. Her focus has primarily been on creating content, including reels and modeling shots, which gained popularity on platforms like OnlyFans.


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